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Select a hockey camp by location or a coaches name. There are many good localized hockey clinics around as well as national name clinics. Some camps offer everything from boating and swimming to classroom instruction as well as lots of ice time.

These overnight summer hockey camps can be an incredible experience. Some camps are daily or weekly and are more localized. Food for thought, while on the ice in a two hour session a player will have more touches of the puck then in any game. A player will have much more in terms of repetitions then in any game. All in all, hockey camps and clinics will provide the complete hockey experience. Small Area Games (SAG's) can provide that game experience and improve decision making and puck support.
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Hockey Camps and Clinics

Hockey Camp Connection.
There are many camps represented on Everything from stickhandling to skating camps and clinics.
Hockey Camps.
Hockey Camps offer an incredible experience for the young hockey player. They usually run at a prep school or university and are 4 to 5 days long. .
Hockey Clinics.
Hockey Clinics can keep your child closer to home and can provide that weekly ice time to enforce those skills that were acquired during the regular season..