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Hockey Skating Drill

This is an agility and balance Skating drill and is a good way to start or finish a practice. Do it with pucks for older kids.

Make sure the skater is pushing themselves to use and trust their edges. If they fall getting up quickly is all a part of the drill. This can be done on all five circles for more Reps. This is a great drill for forwards. Do it backwards for Defense.

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The Hockey Practice.

Practices should be fast paced and challenging.

Set goals for your practices. Your drills should accomplish something. They should be a good mix of skill, system and competition. I believe that if you do a good job of running a practice then conditioning is done while the drills are being executed. If you get your assistant coaches involved you can run multiple stations and get as many repetitions as possible per player. If you add more flow to your systems drills you can provide more reps. Go over practice with your team prior to the practice and go over objectives. Try to tie those objectives to previous game situations to build a curriculum.

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Make sure your players are working at EVERYTHING. I have seen so many practices where some good stuff is going on but the effort is lacking.  Give them something to do at the end of the drill so they finish hard.

Include everyone in the instruction on every drill. If Defense is not doing what you want on a drill that is more for a forward development let them know. I have seen so many practices going on where the goalie is left out doing nothing. Encourage another parent to get involved as a goalie coach. Take a little time to go over drill objectives either before or during practice. Keep a board on the ice so you draw out mistakes and do it immediately with that player while it is still fresh in the player's memory. Think of everything.

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Teamwork Starts with the Coach!

Be knowledgeable, Be accessible, Be supportive. If a player is not doing a drill correctly pull that player aside and go over it again or have them watch the next repetition. Sell it Don't Yell it.. Calling a player out time after time does nothing for that player's confidence. Lead by example. You cannot expect your team to work 100% at practice if you are not giving it 100% as a coach. At the very core of every team is the common goal that binds the team together. It is a belief that the team can accomplish what they set out to do in the Fall. It maybe winning every game or just having fun depending on the level of hockey. What ever level there has to be a common goal with the vision and the work ethic to get there.


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