Who we are!

Hockey Clinics and Camps
Goal line hockey is a collaboration of some very experienced hockey professionals.

Goalline Hockey wants you to be a better player or coach. We strive to help an Administrator run a better program. We offer products that will do exactly this. Coaching tools and all kinds of implements to help hockey players develop skills are available.

Everything in coaching aides, teaching tools as well as some neat training products.

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Why Goal Line Hockey?

Hockey Clinics and Camps
We live, eat and breathe the game of hockey.

There are many situations on the ice that are not seen due to lack of being taught how to play against it. Something as simple as stick placement can affect the outcome of a play.

Hockey is an extreme team game and will build character in your young player. Let that young player develop in his/her own time while teaching them to set goals within the lineup.

Our principles

Sell it, Don't yell it.
Sometimes teaching a better work ethic is far more important then grinding your team into the ice. There is a reason why one team wins and it isn't always due to superior skill. Teams can simply out work their opponents to be successful.
Be responsible for your own game.
Contributions to your team come through the work that you put into your development. Take the responsibilty and do the things you need to do to be able to win battles on the ice or pick spots at the net.